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South American Plains Viscacha Taxidermy Mount - SW5417


Plains Viscacha Taxidermy Display for Sale

Viscacha Taxidermy Mount for SaleAlmost impossible to find! Unique Viscacha taxidermy mount on habitat base. The animal is standing with front paws on a small log and the back paws on the base. Head is turned slightly to the right. The Vizcacha measures 31" from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. Hair is colored in shades of cream, black and gray and has a wet look. Base is accented with small wooden log and pebbles and sand. The taxidermy quality of this interesting mount is rated as "Excellent." for craftsmanship and artistry. 

Scientific Name: Lagostomus maximus
Size: 30" long x 12" tall x 10" wide

About the Plains Viscacha

A Plains Viscacha taxidermy mount is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. 
A Resident of the Pampas of Argentina, easily differentiated from other viscachas by black and gray mustache-like facial markings. It is the only living species within the genus Lagostomus. It is found in Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The plains viscacha is the largest species of the family Chinchillidae. They construct elaborate burrows that house successive colonies for decades. This species lives colonially in warrens of ten to over one hundred.


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