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Red Squirrel Taxidermy Mount - SW3980


Standing Red Squirrel Taxidermy Mount on Driftwood - SW3980

Quality Taxidermy SquirrelJust completed and absolutely gorgeous Red Squirrel taxidermy mount. This small American Red Squirrel is mounted standing on his back legs on an nice piece of weathered wood. The animal has nice soft, thick fur in shades of reddish brown, gray and white. Big, bushy tail is curled up his back. Expert and accurate detailing throughout and with claws intact. Natural expression. He is posed in a sitting on the hind legs with the front paws outstretched. For the expert quality of taxidermy, this mount is rated at "Excellent". What a great gift for the lover of wildlife, the sportsman or even for a wildlife science center.

Scientific Name: Tamiasciurus hudsonicus
Size of display: 7" long x 3" wide x 7" tall
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