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Ptarmigan Trio Taxidermy Mount - SW4443


Bird Mounts - Ptarmigan Trio in Seasonal Plumage 

Ptarmigan Bird Mount
Ptarmigan Trio taxidermy mount. A unique display of Ptarmigans that showcase them in the different seasonal color phases. One of the Ptarmigan's plumage is white with brown feathers, and the other two have brown feathers with white feathers underneath. All three are poised alert and with their tail feathers fanned out.  Accurate detailing throughout. The birds are perched on an attractive base of weathered wood that is attached to a wooden slab.  The base is accented with various dried foliage. This display has been given our taxidermy quality rating "Nice." A fascinating piece to add to your home, cabin or office decor. 
Scientific Name: Lagopus muta
Size of display: 24" wide x 19" tall x 15" deep.
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