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Montezuma Quail Pair Taxidermy Mount - SW4537


Bird Mounts for Sale - Mearns Quail Pair

Bird Mounts for Sale
Newly finished! Montezuma Quail taxidermy mount. This pair of Montezuma Quails, also known as harlequin quail and fool quail, are positioned on a weathered wood base. One quail is perched on the base while the other is in flight. Striking plumage coloring that is distinctive of the Montezuma Quail. The claws are long and the lower beaks also have the distinctive blue coloring. It would be difficult to find a more unique and accurate display of these beautiful birds. The taxidermy quality rating is "Premier." This is a wonderful piece for the serious bird collector.
Scientific Name: Cyrtonyx montezumae
Size of display: 14" tall x 19" wide x 11" deep.
Weight: 4 lbs
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single well-anchored screw.
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