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Himalayan Monal Pheasant Pair Taxidermy - SW5424


Exotic Bird Taxidermy for Sale - Himalayan Monal Pair

Bird Taxidermy for SaleAbsolutely stunning taxidermy mount of male and female Himalayan Monal pheasants on nicely finished wooden base. Both birds are upright and standing on small habitat replica bases which is connected to a wooden base with an interesting shape. The male is extraordinarily colored in iridescent green, black, copper and blue. The female is mutely colored in brown, cream and black with blue shading around the eye. The plumage on both of these beautiful birds is full and pristine. The male stands at 20" tall and the hen is 14" tall. The beauty and artistry of these birds earn our top taxidermy quality rating of "Premier." These exquisite birds are a must have for the collector of exotic bird taxidermy mounts. 

Scientific Name: Lophophorus impejanus
Size including base: 22" tall x 35" long x 14" wide
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