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Drunken Gray Squirrel Taxidermy Mount - SW4953


Novelty Taxidermy for Sale - Drunken Gray Squirrel

Excellent Taxidermy for Sale

Just completed and great conversation piece! Drunk Gray Squirrel taxidermy mount on a nice piece of driftwood, accented with moss. This cute squirrel has imbibed a little much in the beer. His head is posed on top of the beer can with the right front paw holding onto the can. The left front paw is posed downward. His big, bushy tail is curled around on the wood. His fur is thick and beautifully colored in shades of gray, brown, black and white. Claws intact. The craftsmanship of this mount earns our taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent.” Wonderful gift for that special friend or to use as decor for the bar or cabin.

Size of display: 19" long x 8" wide x 7" tall.
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