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Capybara Taxidermy Mount - SW8984


S. American Taxidermy Display - Capybara

S. American Taxidermy MountsAmazing full body Capybara taxidermy mount for sale.  Capybara is mounted on a unique habitat base. The large rodent is standing on all fours with head turned to the left. Hair is colored in hues of light brown. The base has a variety of foliage including moss, ferns, and tall grass and features a light for a better showcase. Wheels are mounted to the bottom of the base for movability. The taxidermy quality is rated "Nice." A must have for collectors of uncommon hunting trophies.

Scientific Name: Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris
Size: 45" long x 22" wide x 28" tall
Weight: 53 lbs.
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