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Canadian Lynx Taxidermy Mount - SW2941


Taxidermy Animals for Sale - Canadian Lynx 

Taxidermy ReviewsJust completed! Magnificent Life-size Canadian Lynx Taxidermy Mount. This Lynx is mounted on a beautiful habitat base of weathered wood accented with moss and sticks. He is positioned stalking downward as if in search of prey. Back is arched upwards. All four paws are on the wood and claws are intact. Fur on this Lynx is absolutely gorgeous with a thick winter coat in shades of cream, black, gray and brown. This Lynx is of such outstanding quality that it earns our highest rating of "Premier". He would be the center of attention in any setting.
Scientific Name: Lynx canadensis
Size of display: 35" tall x 25" wide x 19" deep
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