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Nine-Banded Armadillo Taxidermy Mount - SW4082


Mounted Life-Size Armadillo - Small Animal Taxidermy 

Armadillo Taxidermy Quality RatingGreat full body Armadillo taxidermy mount. Posed on all fours in a standing position. This armadillo has nine distinct bands around the center of the protective shell. Course hair on the underbelly. Claws are intact. The overall length of the mount is 24 inches from nose to tail. The accurate detailing of this mount earns it the taxidermy quality rating of "Nice". A great piece for collectors of small unusual mounts.

Scientific Name: Dasypus novemcinctus
Size: 7" tall x 24" long x 7" wide
Weight: 4 lbs
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About the Armadillo

Armadillo is a Spanish word that means “little-armored one.” This name refers to the bony plates that cover the animals back, head feet and tail. They are the only living mammal to have this type of armor. There are 20 different varieties of Armadillo, but only one is found in the US which is the nine-banded Armadillo.  They vary in size and color. Armadillos can grow to be 5 to 59 inches long and can weigh between 3- 120 pounds. Contrary to popular belief only the Three-banded Armadillo can roll-up and encase themselves in their shells.

Due to their slow metabolic rate and low-fat stores, cold temperatures are the enemy of the Armadillo, so they have to live in warmer climates to survive. 11 different species of Armadillo can be found in South America and in the Southern and South Western regions of North America.

They have poor eyesight and have to use their keen sense of smell to hunt. They use their strong legs and claws to dig and their long sticky tongues to extract ants and beetles from their tunnels. They also eat small vertebrates, plants, and fruit.




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