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African Serval Cat Taxidermy Mount - SW4371


Full Body African Animal Taxidermy for Sale - Serval Cat

Serval Taxidermy Mount for Sale
Impressive African Serval taxidermy display. Large Serval, measuring 41" from nose to base of the tail. Serval has an alert expression and is mounted on a habitat base standing on all fours. Fur is thick and beautifully spotted. Facial detailing is excellent. The base has accurate details. The taxidermy quality of this piece is rated "Nice." due to some hair loss on the back of the ears as shown in the photos. This magnificent cat is a wonderful addition to any trophy room, hunting lodge, or cabin. 
Size of display including base: 34" long x 30' tall x 11" wide
Cat measures 41" nose to base of the tail.
Ships freight carrier in a secure wood crate.
Shipping is free!

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