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African Black-backed Jackal Taxidermy Mount - SW2518


Taxidermy for Sale - Black-backed Jackal 

Selling Taxidermy GuideBeautiful African Black-backed Jackal taxidermy mount on detailed habitat base. This full-body Jackal has thick hair and beautiful coloring. Open mouth, claws intact. Taxidermy quality rated "Excellent". Great craftsmanship on the habitat with accents of wood and plants. Could be displayed on a shelf, mantel, or floor. Will make great addition to trophy room collection. The black-backed jackal is recognized by the mantle of black hair on the back that contrasts with the rust-colored body. This jackal measures 24" long x 21" tall x 8" deep.
Scientific Name: Canis mesomelas
Size of display: 35" long x 23" tall x 18" deep.
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