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Taxidermy Mounts

Scaled Quail Taxidermy Mount - SW6184


Bird Mounts - Scaled Quail Taxidermy for Sale

Premier Bird Mounts for SaleNew piece! Great-looking Scaled Quail taxidermy wall mount. This beautiful bird is perched atop a unique piece of driftwood, alert and looking out into the room. His plumage is full and prettily colored with edges on the chest feathers giving the appearance of scales. Detailing is expertly done throughout. For the quality of craftsmanship. this bird display receives the best taxidermy rating of "Premier." A great piece of wildlife art to showcase in most any setting.

Scientific Name: Callipepla squamata
Size: 10" tall x 4" wide x 5" deep.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single well-anchored screw
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