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African Steinbok Taxidermy Mount - Steenbok - SW6203


African Hunting Trophies - Full Body Steinbok 

African Hunting Trophies for Sale

Handsome African Steenbok full body taxidermy wall mount. This Steenbok is standing alert on all fours with the head turned to look out into the room  The natural habitat base is a rock reproductin and accented with faux grass. The hair is beautifully colored in reddish-brown and cream. The horns are symmetrical and measure 4". Large ears and great detailing throughout on this beautiful Steenbok. This dwarf antelope mount earns our taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent." This Steinbok would make a wonderful addition to the African theme decor, or trophy room or even for a museum or wildlife center.

Scientific Name: Raphicerus campestris
Size of display: 32" tall x 28" wide x 10" deep.
Weight: 15 lbs
Hangs from two well anchored screws. Wall hangers are attached.
Ships free!

About the Steinbok- Raphicerus campestris

Steinbok are petite antelope, with long legs and an upright stance. The coat is a light golden-brown color, although there is some variation among individuals with some being quite reddish and others grayer. The undersides are white. Steenbok have few distinctive markings; the large eyes are ringed by a fine circle of white hairs, and there is a slender black triangle which starts at the nose and tapers upwards. The ears are extremely large on the Steinbok. The horns, found only in males, are straight, sharp, and very upright. When threatened, Steinbok will hide by lying on the ground and freezing in order to avoid the danger. If the threat continues to approach, they will rocket away for a short distance and then try to hide again. Aardvark burrows may be used as refuges. The Steinbok feed on mostly leaves from shrubs and trees, but also fruits and grasses. Steinbok are found in open grassland with light tree cover across most of southern Africa. Another population lives in the stonier acacia grasslands of east Africa.

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