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African Small Game

African Honey Badger Taxidermy Mount - SW5544


African Honey Badger Taxidermy Mount 

Honey Badger Mount for Sale
Very rare African Honey Badger taxidermy wall mount. Mounted standing on a habitat replica base. Head is turned to look out into the room. Good hair in shades of black, gray and white. Long claws on his front paws are in tact. This honey badger measures 41" from tip of the nose to the end of his tail. The craftsmanship and artistry earn our highest taxidermy quality rating of "Premier". An ideal piece for collectors of hard to find taxidermy mounts.

Scientific Name: Mellivora capensis
Size: 37" wide x 28" tall x 18" deep
Weight: 40 lbs
Wall hangers are attached. Hangs from two well anchored screws
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