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African Big Game

Burchell's Zebra Taxidermy Mount - SW5405


Lifesize Burchell's Zebra Taxidermy for Sale

Zebra Taxidermy for SaleA spectacular full body Burchell's Zebra taxidermy mount on a habitat base. The Zebra is standing with left hoof lifted and head turned sharply to the left. The Zebra is alert with the mouth open slighlty. Bright whites, contrasting with the blackest blacks you can find on a zebra. The base is on casters which makes it easier to transport. The impressive mount earns our highest taxidermy rating of "Premier" for its craftsmanship and expert detailing. This is a must have for any African trophy room or museum exhibit. 

Scientific Name: Equus quagga burchellii
Size: 64" long x 67" tall x 42" wide
Ships in a secure wood crate.
Ships free!


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